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The Science Behind

Controling & Regulating Antimicrobial Activity.

Antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredients fight bacteria in affected pores, while simultaneously balancing oily skin.

Moderating Sebum Secretion.

A unique combination of highly active ingredients minimizes sebum accumulation which clogs pores and leads to breakouts. Simultaneously, antioxidants decrease sebum oxidation and the subsequent release of fatty acids on which bacteria strive.

Skin Renewal & Scar Tissue Repairing.

Keratolitic ingredients exfoliate the outer layer, releasing pore blockage and excess sebum, preventing bacteria proliferation, resulting in a healthier looking skin with a smooth, uniform texture..

Preventing Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (PIH).

Breakouts may leave spots (PIH) after they become inactive. Advanced ingredients work synergistically to reduce inflammation and melanin production, lightening the skin and leaving it even toned.


Active Ingredients

Exfoliation and Renewal

Time release delivery system - Encapsulated Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid (SA) works as a keratolytic, comedolytic, and bacteriostatic agent, causing the epidermis cells to shed more readily, opening clogged pores, and neutralizing bacteria within. It is skin-friendly, preventing dryness and irritation. Sustained release of SA over time allows for effective, long-lasting, and nonirritating delivery, making it suitable for sensitive skin.


Time release delivery system - Encapsulated Retinol

Protects the unstable retinol molecule, facilitating controlled release delivery and enhanced penetration. The microcapsules break when they are applied to the skin so that the retinol is at its most active when delivered. The very nature of the capsule enables a lipid film to form over the skin’s surface to impede trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). It is effective at reducing visible wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It boosts cell regeneration together with collagen and HA production, leading to a more elastic and even toned skin.

Perfection TriPeptide

A biologically active tripeptide responsible for triggering the natural desquamation process in the skin. To maintain skin integrity and smoothness, the uppermost cells of the stratum corneum are continuously shed from the skin surface through a natural process called desquamation. With age, this process becomes slow and irregular, leading to a reduced skin barrier and to dry, rough and dull skin. Perfection TriPeptide is based on a biomimetic tripeptide designed and vectorized to target the outermost stratum corneum, where desquamation takes place. Here, Perfection TriPeptide specifically breaks the bond between dead cells at the surface of the skin.

  • enhanced skin renewal.

  • increased skin hydration and smoothness.

  • reduction in wrinkle depth in the crow’s feet area.

  • improvement in skin quality.

  • prevention of imperfections, irregularities age signs.


Corneocytes compose most, if not all of the stratum corneum, the outermost part of the epidermis. They are interconnected by corneodesmosomes, composed of two proteins - desmoglein and desmocollin that form bridges between corneocytes like “key and lock”. The innovative desqumation peptide acts like a receptor at a site on the desmocolin causing cell-cell adhesion to weakened.

As corneocytes cells loose cell to cell contact, desquamation with Perfection peptide speeds up epidermal renewal.

As a result, the skin becomes smooth, and rejuvenated.

Prevention of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH)

Enzyme Stability Vitamin C

A new form of vitamin C stabilized with glucose to ensure high stability. Alpha-glucosidase present in the skin activates Thermal Stability Vitamin C to gradually release pure vitamin C, providing prolonged benefits to the skin. Melanocyte cells treated with AGS demonstrated a reduction in the melanin synthesis, hence the ability to obtain less pigmentation and a lighter even-tone skin appearance.




In-Vitro test on human skin fibroblasts show that Thermal Stability Vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen, thereby increasing the suppleness of the skin and promoting younger looking skin. Moreover it was shown that this stable vitamin C can provide these benefits over a prolonged time period.



Whitening Peptide

TGF-β biomimetic encapsulated peptide to decrease skin pigmentation inhibits melanin production in 2 ways:

  • Inhibits MITF activity, thus decreasing the production of melanocytes and melanin. The result is fewer pigmentation disorders. (MITF-acts as a regulatory of melanocytes development. 
  • Decreases the expression of TGF-β factor (receptor connection), which causes down regulation of thyrosinase production. Therefore it inhibits melanin production and decreases pigmentation disorders.







  • This unique Whitening peptide allows optimal lightening effect for a brighter, even-toned skin.


    Cleansing & Purifying

    Marine C Thiopeptide

    A marine origin non-irritating active helps reduce blemishes and inflammation without drying the skin. It speeds up recovery and prevents adverse reactions. In vitro efficacy tests were performed to verify antiinflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

    Post stimulation treatment study

    Cells were first induced with LPS (induced inflammatory agent) and treated with marine peptide after 24hours.

    Preventive effect study

    Cells were treated with marine peptide and after 24hours inflammation was induced by addition of LPS (induced inflammatory agent). Results show strong anti-inflammatory effect at low concentration of Marine Peptide.

    Anti-blemish efficacy test

    Duration of 4 weeks, application once a day. Clinical test study on breakouts show a significant reduction in lessions (-23.14%). Excellent breakouts healing, less redness and less inflammation.


     Moderating sebum & mattifying
    Nio-Sebactive - Double Layer Liposome

    Encapsulated into vesicles active designed to reduce sebum production and shininess. This natural multi-active enhances skin penetration, improving percutaneous passage of actives for better and prolonged efficacy.

    NIO-Sebactive is a powerful combination of nobiletin, oleanolic acid and saw palmetto extract, carried by niosoma, a novel drug delivery system.

    The encapsulated Nio-Sebactive performs a two-folded activity:

    • Reduces a major lipid component in the sebum called Triacyglycerols (TG) through inhibition of diacylglycerol acyltra NSFERASE (dgat).
    • Inhibits 5α-reductase.

    Nio-Sebactive combines three powerful actives geared to decrease sebaceous excretion:

    • Nobiletin – flavonoid present in the peel of citrus fruits inhibits lipogenesis and cell proliferation in sebaceous glands. Reduces oiliness by decreasing the synthesis of TA, a major lipid component of sebum.


    • Saw Palmetto extract – 5α reductase inhibitor, the key enzyme involved in sebum lipids production.

    • Oleanolic acid – a well known triterpenoid compound with long lasting anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it inhibits lipoxygenase activity, thus reducing sebum production and shininess.


    Pore Reductyl

    Features agaric acid extracted from Fomes Officinalis (mashroom) pulp. Has multiple benefits:

    Cutaneous astringency: Immediately perceptible effect of cutaneous tightening leads to improvement of tone and firmness.

    Pore tightening: Oily skin is excessively shiny and may have large, dilated pores. Pore Reductyl minimizes them and the visible signs of skin suffering from excessive sebum secretion.

    Moisturizing effect: Pore Reductyl’s astringency and pore tightening effect does not dry the skin; on the contrary, it moisturizes the stratum corneum, supling the skin.

    Clinical studies have proven a reduction in pore size and numbers:


    Hydrating & Soothing

    Based on algae extract and natural NMF factors, preservative-free molecular film containing specific active ingredients with a high moisturizing and regenerating effect. This occlusive improved delivery system has a great contact surface with the skin, minimizing the TEWL and helping the active ingredients to penetrate more efficiently, leaving the skin suppler and replenished.

    A study on female volunteers shows a significant and immediate moisture increase of 21.8% just after 24h from application, and a long lasting effect of 32.5% 21 days after application.

    Tasman pepper extract

    Natural Australian active ingredient extracted from the Tasmanian pepper berry, especially designed to protect, smooth and reduce skin sensibility.

    Treats edema, erythema and skin discomfort. Relieves instantly itching discomfort and provides a fast relief from unpleasant sensations. The release of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the epidermis activates the cutaneous sensory neurons and causes aches, itching, and burning sensations.

    The relief from inflammation has been clinically demonstrated on IL-8, a pro-inflammatory cytokine. The objective of the study was to evaluate the inhibitory effect of Tasman berry extract in IL-8 synthesis in human dermal fibroblasts. The inflammation state was induced with IL-1α, a pro-inflammatory mediator.

    The results show a significant decrease of inflammation mediator IL-8. Hence, Tasman berry extract inhibits the inflammatory cascade for optimal calming effects.


    Moreover, a clinical study on volunteers demonstrates that this active immediately relieves itching discomfort. The itching sensations were reduced by 79% after only 5 min.

    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Clean & Clear Cleanser: Anti bacterial soap, removes dirt and makeup residue, leaves the skin clean and comfortable.

    Step 2 - Scrub & Smooth Exfoliator: Gentle, creamy scrub exfoliates, removes impurities and oil residue from the depth of pores. The skin appears smooth, with a uniform texture.

    Step 3 - Treat & Regenerate Peel: Removes dead cells, boosts cell regeneration. Strong anti-bacterial activity. Inhibits melanin production.

    Step 3b - Peel & Renew Peel Forte: Forte treatment formulated to boost skin renewal. Provides smoother texture and brighter skin appearance.

    Step 4 - Stimulate & Detox Solution: Stimulating solution to boost blood circulation and improve cell metabolism. Detoxifies and increases oxygen in cells. Antiseptic properties enable effective sebum extraction.

    Step 5 - Bright & Balance Solution: Blurs visibility of post acne spots, promoting an even toned complexion. Prevents post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. (PIH).

    Step 6 - Astringe & Regulate Mask: Reduces sebum production and helps absorb excessive oiliness. Anti - bacterial, calms irritated skin and helps minimize pores.

    Step 7 - Mattify & Protect Cream SPF 15: Lightweight cream enriched with moisturizers, provides prolonged protection against sun and environmental damage. Boosts natural regeneration and eliminates excessive shininess.

    OPTIONAL - Cover & Shield Cream SPF 20: Lightweight cover cream conceals blemishes and redness, leaving the skin uniform and even toned. Protects against environmental damage, fights free radicals and speeds up healing processes.