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BioPhyto – A Superior Level of Cellular Performance!

I am pleased to introduce you to Christina’s specialized skincare products for qualified skin professionals worldwide. They address a wide range of skin conditions, promoting a healthy and younger looking skin. 

As an international dermatologist, educator and practitioner with years of experience, I have always been motivated by my desire to find effective skin treatments and products that combine powerful ingredients with advanced technology, in order to treat various skin conditions and to satisfy individual skincare needs. Starting as a small in-house family operation, Christina has expanded to a successful, international enterprise manufacturing lines of products that have become world leaders in preventing, improving, repairing, and soothing damaged skin.

At Christina we are dedicated to delivering results through education, innovation, and professional advice. We provide information and answers to cosmeticians' concerns by constantly participating in professional events that keep us updated on latest researches and global innovation in the field of cosmetics.

I have been fortunate to have access to studies from leading research institutes and work together with a world-class team of scientists. Based on their finds and together with our in-house R&D and manufacturing departments, we develop and produce the company’s specialized skincare products and treatments.

The Christina team continuously seeks new active ingredients and develops innovative solutions to provide the most effective, yet safe treatments that science can offer.