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No matter where you live the summer sun can be brutal. Add on all there is to do during the summer months- the drying effects of ocean salt, pool chlorine and even air conditioning become the perfect recipe for tired lackluster skin. Ready to fight dehydrated summer skin? Stay tuned for some expert advice!

Unfortunately, spending prolonged periods of time in the sun can lead to persistent dryness and visible premature aging. Fun summer activities like swimming, spending a whole day out at an amusement park, a long flight across the globe or even sunbathing for that fabulous sun-kissed bronze can leave your skin drier than ever!

So how can you rehydrate and soothe tired summer skin? Soak it in lots of moisture! You can relieve sun fatigue and restore the skin's hydro reserve with moisturizing sprays, gels and serums. Be sure to drink lots of water and apply these powerhouse products for an immediate boost of hydration. Treat your skin to an irresistible glow for healthy & hydrated skin that shows!




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