The Science Behind Unstress

Unstress’s comprehensive combination of key ingredients work in concert to prevent, correct, soothe and nourish stress-induced skin damage.

Antioxidant Peptides Prevent Damage.

Unstress boosts the body’s natural immune system and cell defense against environmental hazards. Powerful antioxidant-peptides protect DNA and increase the production of structural lipids which in turn reinforce the skin’s natural defenses.

Heals the Signs of Internal and External Skin Damage

Advanced Collagen-Elastin regenerators, probiotics and natural lipids restore the skin barrier, minimize water loss, and heal internal infections. Stress induced damage is reversed for a smoother and calmer complexion.

Provides Relief for External Symptoms

With a uniquely balanced selection of advanced anti-inflammatories, redness reducing agents and rich moisturizers, Unstress provides relief to stressed and irritated skin. The comprehensive Unstress treatment helps to stop the vicious cycle of stress-induced skin damage.

Continuous nourishment

Unstress home use products are specially designed to continually prevent, minimize and reverse the potential skin trauma of daily life. Working in harmony with the skin, highly active ingredients detoxify, and defend skin by restoring cell structure, elasticity and hydration.

Key Active Ingredients

An antioxidant-peptide that improves DNA protection and cell function to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses

A DNA-protecting algae that reinforces the cutaneous barrier, improves skin moisture and corneocyte cohesion.

A structural lipid that restores the epidermal lipid barrier, minimizes TEWL and enables deep skin nourishment

A unique deep penetrating peptide that enhances dermal Collagen synthesis, strengthens the dermo-epidermal junction and improves epidermal regeneration and differentiation.

Hyaluronic acid

An intense humectant that increases water capacity to improve skin elasticity, suppleness and resilience

Probiotic Lactobacillus
A ‘friendly bacteria’ that crowds out pathogenic organisms and boosts the natural immune system

Frangipani milk
A Natural extract that relieves skin irritation and provides a calming effect on aggravated and edema skin.