Line Repair Step 7 Radiance Firm Day Cream (100 ml)
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Line Repair Step 7 Radiance Firm Day Cream (100 ml)

Luxurious cream enriched with innovative active ingredients.

Fights dullness, sagging and dehydration. Restores youth and radiance to dull skin, while working on skin’s surface to form an invisible film for an anti-gravity lifting effect. The combination of organic osmolytes and occlusive humectants provide optimal long lasting hydration.

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Selected Actives

  • Radiance enhancer – a naturally derived active inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and designed to improve all functions for a perfect complexion. Boosts skin microcirculation, restores normal blood flow and provides oxygen to the skin. As a result, the skin acquires a healthy glow, luminosity and a more even tone.
  • Skin tightener – natural tensor ingredient, with filmogenic and tightening effects. Its structure perfectly fits the skin to form a strong film to lift, protect, smooth and firm the skin.
  • Botanical hydrator – contains high concentration of organic osmolyte - betaine, which accelerates keratinocyte water intake, provides rapid and continuous improvement of hydration and reduces water loss. Restores skin barrier function by increasing lipid and tight junction proteins production.
  • Moisture complex – balanced moisturizing complex, capable of adapting to the surrounding environment, optimizes hydration at different temperatures and humidity levels by regulating water loss. Provides exceptionally long lasting moisture and softness, regardless of the weather.

Directions for Use

Apply onto face, neck and décolleté. Pat in gently until completely absorbed.

Product Series Overview

Line Repair

Line Repair addresses the symptoms and manifestations of loss of vitality and beauty, starting with cleansing and purifying and ending with renewal and protection of glowing skin. The skin will look smooth, revitalized and radiant.

I love working with Christina's facial therapies, great results, no down time. My clients/patient love their skin after treatment is done and alway return very satisfied. i sing your praises Christina USA. It Just Works is so true.

- JE.Torres Para | Medical Aesthetician

Once again Christina has combined the most advanced in skin care technology with superior ingredients ! This treatment transforms the skin to a most youthful appearance. So happy and excited to have this treatment for my clients!

- Samantha Buel | Portland, OR United States

The great treatment for all skin types. It helps to repair agin skin condition, hyperpigmentation, acne and acne damage. It just works!!! Love it and strongly recommend the treatment for everyone, who cares about skin!

- Olga Hays | Fort Wayne, IN United States