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Israel Today – Hand Cream – April 2011

ישראל היום כתבה ידיים

protecting your hands

protecting your hands


Professional Beauty Magazine – AustraliaProfessional Beauty Magazine – Australia

Cleansing and drying skin blemishes

ישראל פוסט- 17.03.11

Unstress – Laisha Magazine – April 4, 2011

לאישה 4.4

Tip – preparing a natural mask


Facial Masks Ball – Israel Today


Diagnosing skin type and choosing the right cream

Go Style – Online Magazine

Part 1

Part 2

Acne treatment – Israel Post

ישראל פוסט- 17.03.11

Masks Ball

Facial masks

The Beauty News – Online Magazine

Forever Young – Moisture Fusion-Focus magazine

מגזין פוקוס

Facial Masks Ball

Mouse Café – Online Magazine

All about Facial Masks

Headline Online Magazine

Upgrading facial treatments with masks

BeOK Health & Beauty Online Magazine

The benefits of Retinol

Laisha Magazine

Laisha Magazine – Part 1

Laisha Magazine – Part 2

Using dried fruit for skin care

Where: Beauty & Health Portal, Israel

When: January 24 2011

About: Using dried fruit for skin care

Skin care using dried fruit

When: January 17 2011

About: Skin care using dried fruit

Where: IFeel website

Dry Facial Skin


About: Dry Facial Skin

When: January 7th 2011,7340,L-4004473,00.html

HKBeauty Forever Young January 2011

BeautyPro FluorOxygen+C January 2011

wrinkles and discoloration on the neck and décolleté

Beautiful You – New Zealand

Products for sensitive skin – Laisha, Israel

Laisha- Israel

Menta, Israel – Moisture Fusion


BeautyPro, Hong Kong – Cosmoprof

BeautyPro, Hong Kong – Moisture Fusion

Magazine: HK Beauty – Cosmoprof

Magazine: HK Beauty – Forever Young

Irritated skin, acne

Magazine: Cosmopolitan

Date: December 2010

About: Irritated skin, acne


Luxurious Silk for absolute pampering – Christina’s extravagant beauty treatment explained

Name: Luxurious Silk for absolute pampering – Christina’s extravagant beauty

treatment explained”

Magazine: BEAUTY COSMEDICA Magazine

Country: Singapore


Healthier magazine – Dry Skin


Hamekomon, Israel

Laisha, Israel

Night Treatment

About: Night Treatment

Date: November 29 2010

Magazine: Laisha

Laisha Night Treatment_opt

Unstress cream – Laisha Magazine


Interviewed article featured in the Beauty Cosmedica in Singapore


About Christina, Rose de Mer, FluorOxygen+C


Christina print ad HK Beauty – Hong Kong

Sponsorship by Christina – introducing Unstress HK Beauty – Hong Kong

Interview with Christina – HK Beauty – Hong Kong

Jerusalem Post – Seasonal skin


Unstress – BeautyPro Oct 2010 Issue


StyleSpeak – The Salon & Spa Journal – 8th anniversary issue – Mumbai India


Unstress – Hong Kong Beauty

Comodex: Hong Kong, September Issue 2010



BeautyPro Magazine

BeautyPro Magazine, September Issue 2010–09–15201009BeautyPro_WriteUp_CHRISTINA_ComodexACNE

Jerusalem Post – Gleam Magazine

Jerusalem Post – Gleam Magazine

Skin needs water! – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Israel

Skin needs water! – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Israel

Skin in summertime and moisturizing it – Laisha Magazine

Skin in summertime and moisturizing it – Laisha Magazine